6 thoughts on “A Little Rock in the Sea

  1. Are you back home? Visiting? Throwing in the towel on CDMX?

    ¡Bonitas Fotos!


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where I need to get out and photograph more.

      • I’m living now in Roma Sur, since early Feb. I love it, but it’s definitely *very* different than Boston, haha. But I love it. Now I’m torn between two places. (But don’t tell my Boston friends, haha.) Saludos.

      • I like it, though it’s at the southern edge of where I tend to hang out. But I like having all sorts of services and restaurants at my fingertips, not to mention the Saturday Tianguis. I’m near Bajío and Tlacotalpan.

  2. What a small world it is! I’m on Bajio and Anahuac. The tianguis on saturday are incredible! Try the barbacoa on the corner in front of ‘la blanca’ butcher! They’re the highlight for me!

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