After watching Easy Rider for the first time I was inspired to make a little motorbike montage. I went out with a few mates last week to a quiet road (Paso de Cortez) near one of Mexico’s biggest mountains, Izta and shot this while sat in a car boot. This was put together with really basic gear – a Canon 60D, 18-135mm lens, and a go-pro.

Music: Arizona by King’s of Leon

3 thoughts on “Rider

  1. Very cool little short! Do you ride? I have a motorcycle, but I haven’t ridden it in a couple of years. I’d love to have one in Mexico as there are so many winding country roads with little traffic. It’d be a great place to ride. (Save for the burros, rocks, and other obstacles in the road, haha.)

    So you rode in the boot?!?! Hahahaha….. passing narcos must have wondered why the lid wasn’t shut.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we keep toying with the idea of getting a video camera and trying to make a little film here and there.

    • Thanks Kim! I didn’t ride no 😦 Sadly my only bike experience extends to renting for one day when I was in vietnam. I do think I’m having something of a mid-twenties crisis and have a strong urge to buy myself one haha. I think they’d be great outside of Mexico City on the country roads yeah. Definitely can’t trust a chilango behind a wheel though, they’ve got something against following the rules of the road!
      I hopped in the boot for a little while yeah, exactly the kind of reasons why I love it here (I’d never dream of doing in it England) and nobody batted an eyelid!!
      Do it Kim, get yourself the camera!

      • DF would be a horrible place to learn to ride a motorcycle well, but once you did, you’d have a leg up on the cars. At least on the ones that believe in stopping at red lights.

        If you have any motorcycle fantasies, check out this blog. The guy rode from San Francisco to Tierra del Fuego. It’s quite old now, but still worth a read if you fancy motorcycling somewhere challenging.



        in B.

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